Seize the moment

I have an Iceberg rose in a pot in my front yard. I’ve had it for years and it’s recovered from near-death on several occasions. I don’t look after it very well and I was sure I’d killed it for good this summer when I forgot to water it for several days.

But it came back and I was very excited to see a new flower bud on it, the first one since its most recent recovery. I watched as the bud gradually opened and I decided it would be one of my daily black and white photos as soon as it had opened the right amount.

I made a photo of it on my phone on Tuesday

20180424 Rose edit

and Wednesday,

20180425 Rose 2 edit

but I wasn’t happy with either of them and I hoped it would look perfect on Thursday.

Something told me to use the one I made on Wednesday as that day’s black & white photo. So I did. (I post my daily black and whites on Instagram.)

We had some bad weather on Wednesday night and the flower looked like this the next day, with half the petals on the ground.

20180427 Rose

I was so glad I had photographed it when it was still intact, rather than waiting for the “perfect” moment.

It reminds me of a lesson I have failed to learn on many occasions: Don’t wait. If you see a photo opportunity, take it then and there. Don’t think you’ll come back another time to do it. Especially, don’t think the thing will be there forever and you have no rush to photograph it. I have missed so many opportunities, some of which I regret more than others, by thinking like this. The longer the thing’s been around the more you’ll kick yourself when it goes and you missed your chance.

So I will keep these photos as a reminder of this lesson and try to put more of this attitude into practice.

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