Scotts Peak Dam & Red Knoll Lookout

After leaving Gordon Dam we drove back along Gordon River Road to Scotts Peak Dam turnoff, about 53 km. We stopped at the Creepy Crawly Walk not far along the unsealed road.

20180712-126 Creepy Crawly Nature Trail copy

Creepy Crawly Walk

Continuing along the road we passed Edgar Dam and Scotts Peak Dam at the eastern end of the lake.

20180712-131 On Scotts Peak Dam Road

View from Scotts Peak Road

20180712-134 Edgar Pond maybe

I think this Edgar Pond

Scotts Peak Dam was built to dam the Huon River. At 43 metres high it’s only a baby compared to the Gordon Dam. Edgar Dam is even smaller, 17 metres. There’s no public access to either of these dams walls.

Passing the two dams, the road takes you to Red Knoll Lookout.

20180712-140 Red Knoll Lookout - Scotts Peak

Scotts Peak

20180712-151 Red Knoll Lookout

Looking back at the mountains

20180712-154 Red Knoll Lookout

Scotts Peak Dam and mountains

20180712-155 Red Knoll Lookout

Scotts Peak Dam

20180712-171 Red Knoll Lookout pano copy

Phone panorama 1 at Red Knoll Lookout

20180712-172 Red Knoll Lookout

Failed phone panorama. I like how the portrait image shows the layers of the landscape, almost like a core sample

20180712-173 Red Knoll Lookout pano

Phone panorama 2 at Red Knoll Lookout

We weren’t there at a great time of day to take photos and I probably would have got better results shooting RAW.

This is a place you’d want to spend an entire day, from sunrise to sunset, watching the light changing and photographing the different moods of the rocks and the mountains. And probably more than one day because of the fog in some places and the clouds over the mountains.

It’s not the sort of place to visit once and say you’d seen it.


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