38 Barrack Street

20180823 38 Barrack St 3

38 Barrack Street, Hobart | Thursday 23 August 2081 | 10:24 am

Sandwiched between the Australian Government service centre (left) and the Salvation Army building (right) is this federation style red brick building that currently houses a coffee shop. A quick bit of research tells me that the address 38 Barrack Street used to be a blacksmith’s shop and that the building had been saved from demolition.

It’s listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register, which states—

This structure demonstrates an aspect of the development of late nineteenth/early twentieth century blacksmithing patterns within inner Hobart, particularly the relationship between on site accommodation and the carrying out of smithing. This place is of historic cultural heritage significance as a rare surviving example of on site accommodation built in conjunction with the blacksmithing industry.

This place has strong meaning for the community because it demonstrates aspects of Federation society and makes an important contribution to the streetscape by demonstrating the traditional local urban patterns of setback and orientation to the street. This shop is of historic heritage significance because of its ability to demonstrate the principal characteristics of a Federation residence constructed on the same site as an industrial activity. This building is of significance because it has the potential to yield historical information about early the twentieth century blacksmithing industry within central Hobart. The use of this property as a blacksmiths shop and house over a long period, mostly in the ownership of one family, reinforces its historical significance.



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