blue days

I enjoy walking through Battery Point in the mornings. Two of my favourite buildings in Hobart are here.

20190102 Empress Towers 3 edit 1

Empress Towers | 2 January 2019

Empress Towers was constructed in the 1960s and is Hobart’s tallest residential building. I believe it was intended to be the first of a series of taller residential blocks in Battery Point that never saw the light of day. It stands out from the smaller buildings in the area and is visible from many different vantage points. It gets wonderful light on the river-side first thing in the morning, as well as in the late afternoon when seen from the other direction. I love to photograph it from multiple angles, especially in the morning like today.

My second port of call is often the Silos Apartments, a complex which was constructed in 1951 to store grain waiting for export. It was converted to apartments in 2001. It’s another building that gets interesting light and has many moods to photograph.

20190102 Silos 3 edit

The Silos | 2 January 2019

Both of these buildings made several appearances in my 2018 black & white project and I’m sure they will feature in many more posts in future.

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