randwick art deco (part 1)

I recently spent a week in Randwick, NSW. I’d never been there before but discovered, thanks to Randwick City Council, that it has a lot of art deco architecture.

In the 1920s-1940s, there was a massive increase in residential building across Greater Sydney, including Randwick, to accommodate the population boom between the world wars. It figures that, as the art deco style was popular in that period, there are a lot of buildings of that style in the area. 

The Ritz Cinema Randwick, a cream art deco bulding
The Ritz Cinema (1937), St Pauls Street

Randwick City Council held an exhibition  of photos by resident Alan Lloyd, who had documented a lot of the buildings, in 2013. This became two walking tours of Randwick and Coogee, which were so popular they developed self-guided versions for each suburb.

The Ritz (1937)

I’d found the Randwick one a few years ago but hadn’t realised there was a Coogee one as well!

The Ritz interior

My goal for the week was to find all 20 buildings on the Randwick walk and photograph them.

It was easier said than done, mainly because, due to my early morning starts, I ended up with a lot of uneven light. And there were photos I definitely could have used a tripod for.

I also missed one because the walk brochure didn’t give the actual address of the building I was looking for and I got distracted by a more modern building . . .

Don Juan Avenue. Not what I was looking for but I like it.

It took me three days to find all the buildings, and I discovered some other cool buildings along the way. So this is going to be a series of several posts of my week in Randwick and other places around Sydney. (I also wrote a travel blog about my week in Sydney at my personal blog.)

Today’s photos are the first six buildings from the art deco walk, which starts at St Pauls Road at an area called The Spot, which is a small shopping centre with a lot of cafes and restaurants.

Salvios Shop (pre-1925), 34 St Pauls Street
The Spot (c. 1920), 46-50 Perouse Road
The Spot (c. 1920), 46-50 Perouse Road
The Spot (c. 1920) 46-50 Perouse Road
Gower Galtees (1940), 8-10 Coogee Bay Road
Gower Galtees (1940), 8-10 Coogee Bay Road
Ada Street flats

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