university of nsw part 3: chancellery

When I planned the Sydney trip, knowing I’d be based in Randwick rather than in the city, I started looking around for places to explore. University of NSW stood out on the map as being (a) very close to where I’d be staying and (b) very big. It was an obvious candidate.

On our first day, when everyone else wanted to stay back at the hotel to rest after the flight and stay out of the heat, I decided to go out and have a look around. I headed up the road towards High Street.

High Street stretches from the junction of Avoca Street and Belmore Road in Randwick to Anzac Parade in Kensington. The first third of the block, until Botany Street, is taken up by the Prince of Wales Hospital. The rest of it is UNSW territory on one side and Randwock Racecourse on the other.

The first part of that block is filled with the medical faculty buildings, after which is a large open space where the Sir John Clancy Auditorium sits. And the building that first caught my eye as I was walking past.

The Chancellery.

UNSW Chancellery

Instant love!

UNSW Chancellery

Also, very difficult to photograph. 

It was the first place I came back to the next morning with my camera to try . . .

UNSW Chancellery

I couldn’t find much about the Chancellery on UNSW’s website, other than it appears to have been built over 1965-66.

They have some great images of it from Max Dupain, who was UNSW’s main photographer over the period 1959-1970, in their archive. Many of these, along with photographs by historian Isadore Brodsky, document this building’s construction.

UNSW Chancellery

I found some cool steps around the side with some unpainted concrete.

Chancellery steps

It was a great start to my exploration of the campus.


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