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20190317 The Silos 3

My photography projects

architecture | I am fascinated by buildings and am especially drawn to those with clean lines and strong angles. I’ve developed a particular attachment to concrete monsters . . . (more)

My street corners blog is an offshoot of my architecture project. It began in February 2018 when one day walking to work I looked up Murray Street as I was waiting for the lights to change to cross the road . . . (more)

seascapes & skies | I am lucky to be living near the River Derwent, which delivers photo opportunities for spectacular sunrises if I’m out at the right time. It also presents me with the chance to experience the glorious Aurora Australis, which I am keen to learn more about photographing . . . (more)

black and white | This project evolved from a seven-day challenge on Facebook to make a black and white image every day for seven days, with no people and no explanation of the photo. I enjoyed doing this so much I decided to keep going for a year. I started to experiment with contrast and seeing how far I could push an image, and I became engrossed in the work . . . (more)