Monthly Archives: March 2018

light + shadows

When I was walking along Liverpool Street recently the entrance to this building caught my eye. Specifically, the steps and the curvy rock garden.

20180319 red + white 4 edit

215 Liverpool Street | 9 March 2018

I took some photos, trying out different angles to see what I could come up with and then sat down with Snapseed to experiment with different places to put light and shadows.

20180319 red + white 3 edit

I didn’t quite get what I was after, but this is what happens when you try and grab photos on the way to work or school pickup.

20180319 red + white 9 edit 1

I’ll add this to the list of projects to explore further. I have a few ideas from these photos and now I need to go back with more time and the big camera.



Bricks are great!

I went to Christ College earlier in the week and was early for my meeting so I wandered around looking at the buildings. I was rather captivated by this wall.

20180306 Christ College 5

Christ College | 6 March 2018

This was one of those moments where you look up and see a great contrast between the sky and the wall you’re standing next to and so you have to photograph it.

20180310 Wall and clouds High Street 2
New Norfolk | 10 March 2018