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People who help me, inspire me or challenge my thinking — or all three

Eric Kim | Street photographer and instructor

James Paulius | Environmental designer

Kendra Wright | Badass and challenger of comfort zones

Mark Kistler | Artist and drawing instructor

Michael Scott Lees | Photographer of wild places

Paul Kelly | The soundtrack to my life

Rob Gonsalves | Painter of magical realism; sadly he died in 2017

Roslyn Petelin | Grammar guru

samedog | Illustrator and character designer

Thomas Ryan | Documenter of 20th-century modernist architecture

Places I like to go

Australian Heritage Places Inventory | Hours of entertainment

Fullers Bookshop | Here, take all of my money

Heritage Tasmania | More than just sandstone

Tasmanian Archives and Heritage | My second home

Trove | References to my grandfather in the social pages of the 1930s

The Hobart Bookshop | A great selection of Tasmanian books, new and second-hand

Typewolf | The best information about typefaces

University of Tasmania’s Companion to Tasmanian History | An excellent place to start