Serpentine Dam

The Serpentine Dam is part of Lake Pedder or, to use its technical name, the Huon Serpentine Impoundment. The dam was constructed in 1971 on the Serpentine River.

About two km west of Strathgordon, you pass the Lake Pedder lookout. This day, it was foggy and the lookout view was non-existent.

20180712-003 Silhouettes in the fog at the lookout

At Lake Pedder lookout

20180712-011 Silhouettes in the fog at the lookout

Good for silhouettes

Continuing along Gordon River Road for another seven km, you reach the turnoff to the Serpentine Dam. From there, it’s a short drive to the boat ramp.

20180712-023 Serpentine Dam the other side

The road to the dam seen from near the boat ramp

20180712-028 Serpentine Dam the other side

Lifting fog over Serpentine Dam

20180712-037 Serpentine Dam

Fog over Serpentine Dam

20180712-040 Serpentine Dam

Hillsides peeking through the fog

20180712-035 Serpentine Dam

Mist emerging from mist

And from there, it’s another short drive to the dam wall.

20180712-043 Serpentine Dam wall

Serpentine Dam

This is a concrete-faced rockfill dam, which is basically a compacted rock wall that is made waterproof by a thin layer of concrete on the upstream face (the left side in this picture). The wall is 41.5 metres high at its highest point and 134 metres long. It contains 114 000 cubic metres of rockfill.



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