Gordon Dam

After leaving the Serpentine Dam we continued along Gordon Rover Road to the end of the road, where we came to the Gordon Dam.

Lake Gordon, created by the dam, was still shrouded in fog so it was impossible to see how big it was, but we could see the dam wall itself, which is pretty impressive.

20180712-060 Lake Gordon

Lake Gordon

Completed in 1974, it’s 140 metres high and is the highest arch dam and the largest storage dam in Australia.

20180712-097 Looking down on the Gordon Dam wall

The view from near the top of the steps

It’s curved both horizontally and vertically, which allowed them to use less concrete in construction, reducing the overall cost. The dual arch explains why it doesn’t look straight. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!

20180712-100 Looking down on the Gordon Dam wall

View from the lookout. There are people walking along the wall.

20180712-092 Looking down on the Gordon Dam wall

Top of the dam wall

20180712-089 River side of Gordon Dam wall

Gordon River side of the dam wall

20180712-081 Gordon River

Gordon River

20180712-077 Gordon Dam wall

Looking back up to the road



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