town hall house

After my visit to Circular Quay and The Rocks, where I found some interesting places, but not what I’d set out to see, it was time to look for the one building that was on my if-I-don’t-see-this-the-whole-trip-will-be ruined list.

This was Town Hall House, which was designed in the 1970s to accommodate City of Sydney council staff that had outgrown the Town Hall and were spread around the CBD.

Town Hall House (Ancher Mortock annd Wooley, 1977)

The first time I saw a photo of this building, it reminded me of another building that was very close to my heart.

In fact, an information sheet from the Australian Institute of Architects states of 10 Murray Street that Dirk Bolt’s “architectural language of cantilevered deep beams to support levels above was to be adopted for  . . .Sydney Town Hall House”.

So it’s like 10 Murray Street’s cousin.

Town Hall House (Ancher Mortock annd Wooley, 1977)

I was excited to finally see this place in person!

Town Hall House and a weird ghost of a jetstream

In hindsight, maybe the middle of a hot weekday wasn’t the best time to try and make photographs of a CBD building. But I did what I could and managed not to bump into anyone or get run over in traffic. So all up, it was a successful trip. 

Town Hall House, Druitt Street
Town Hall House
Town Hall House
Town Hall House, Kent Street
Part of the public space behind the street front
Stairs off Kent Street to the plaza
Kent Street side
Druitt Street side
Druitt Street side
Druitt Street side
Druitt Street entrance
Druitt Street facade

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